Even if you're a busy person with little to no experience in stocks (calculated risk involved)
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8pm to 10.30pm, Thursday, 28 Nov
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It's a webinar, all you need is the access link & internet connection
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In this live webinar, you'll discover..

A. Is it possible to make more than RM10,000 per month through stocks? If Yes, How?

B. How Meng Teck started with nothing, in 6 years, bought a semi-D, 
retired his parents and helped many clients retire young using what he learnt from Billionaires using this One thing.

C. What is the One Thing that differentiates investors 
who cannot make money consistently 
VERSUS those who gets richer and richer.

D. Li Kah Sing’s secret to buy 1 dollar asset with 50 cents. Doubling your money safely.

E. 2 Step Investing Formula that made me money over and over.

Who's The Trainer?
Meng Teck
Author of
 "The Little Book On Wealth",
Executive Director of Savwee Investment.
Being an driven man from Teluk Intan, Meng Teck worked as a customer service agent in Kuala Lumpur. A chance encounter allowed him to discover an investment workshop at Universiti Malaya. It was at that moment that he understood that no one ever got rich trading their time for money. The truly wealthy, invests. Being ambitious, he set out to take massive action and invested his life savings during the down market of General Election 2013. He was able to make 15% in a month, more than what he needed to spend. It was at that instance that he realised, if only he can do this consistently, he can retire at a very young age if he chooses to. He was very fortunate because when he set out to learn how to invest, he was able to learn directly from the most prominent investors from each country like Koon Yew Yin (Malaysia), Lo Kheng Hong (Indonesia), Dr.Niwes (Thailand) who shared their experience and tips on how they turned a capital of a couple hundred thousands into few hundred millions. In this workshop, Meng Teck set out to share what he has learnt from these investors, so you can save time & not repeat their mistakes.
To be honest, I’m a very skeptical person. I always have the belief of why do someone will wants to give out the secret of achieving wealth. But after a glance on my current financial situation and I realised something. I told myself why don’t I give it a try. To me this is a life changing course. This course is the door to real financial knowledge. I hope they can continue to rise and shine and change as many people’s life as possible. Cheers to the great team and Meng Teck!
- Jin Wei
Recently attended the Live Event back in KL. Great eyes opener for the world of investment. Coaches and mentor might look young but they are highly serious and dedicated in guiding us on investment. Good to have online learning platform where I can review the contents whenever and wherever I want. The live event was great! Participants are separated into small groups constantly within coaches' eagle eyes and guidance. Aside from that, the event allow us to 'taste' the emotion of being an investor. Lastly, coaches and mentor are extremely approachable!! 
If you would like to know about investment please sign up for Savwee Investment course.
- Xiang
It is really highly recommended for those beginners to attend this course. Though they are young but they are experienced. I sincerely thank Meng Teck & his team for organizing this Savwee Investment Group. They offer more than just gvg us the basic skills nor just simply gvg us the 2 days course. I can see their great efforts & passion in trying to make us an independent & successful investor. This is a good platform I would say & I hv no regret of paying for the course. Like it very much.
- Sandy

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Disclaimer :
Investment activities especially stocks investing carries risk of permanent loss.
Even though efforts can be done to minimise the risk of loss, any investment that aims for high return will in nature involve risk.
You must be comfortable with the fact that there is capital loss risk before you start investing.